At Cafe Maison we are always concerned that the experience you have is pleasant and one that you have enjoyed and wish to repeat. We are grateful to receive all of your constructive feedback and offer our guarantee that your comments are valuable to us and highly regarded and will be utilised to support improvements across our stores.

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 Store front is attractive and welcoming? Store front is OK? Store front is not attractinve, not appealing? Under normal circumstances you might not enter?

 Very welcoming - staff greeted you, said hello and made you feel welcome? Staff acknowledged you had entered thes store and made some attempt to greet you? Poor,staff took a while to acknowledged you had entered the store and did not pay much attention to you? Very poor - staff did not acknowledged you at all; you had to request their attention?

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 Attractive and made me feel comfortable It was OK I did not really like it much

 Attractive and modern It was OK Thought could be better Did not Like

 Excellent Good OK Poor

 Excellent Good OK Poor

 Great value for money Good value for money OK - about averaged these days Poor - a little expensive Overpriced

 Excellent Good - I could find several menu items that i like Poor - not really a lot that i like

 Great happy and could find my selection easily, i like to have lots of choice. OK Poor, the menu boards made it difficult to find my selection, too many choices. I would have preffered a smaller menu with fewer choices and bigger pictures.

 My choice of meal was easy I struggled at first but staff assisted me My menu selection was not easy and staff did not assist me OK

 Spotless, very clean Clean, no ovious unclean areas OK - I noticed a few areas that need attention Poor - I feel cleanliness needs real improvement

 Staff understood your requests and their communication was clear Staff communication was ok. Staff struggled to communicate with you well Staff communication was poor

 Good value for money - would continue to purchase in the future OK - would purchase from time to time Excellent Poor

“ Thanks kindly for your honest answers. We truly appreciate your time and effort.”